I’ve noticed that many health professionals do not post their fees publicly. I am proud of the quality and delivery of the service I offer and believe that the value far exceeds the costs. Below is a list of services and fees.

Initial Exam/Consultation: $140

First Adjustment: Included with Initial Exam/Consultation*

Report of Findings: Included with Initial Exam/Consultation

Standard/Follow Up Visit: $75

Endonasal Correction: $75

Packages: Multiple visits discounted. Varies by package.

Home Visit/Outside Visit: $120 Location Fee + Standard Costs

X-rays/Imaging: If x-rays are needed we will refer you to an independent imaging center or you may choose one of your liking.

Other Products, Services, Diagnostics: See the “Shopping” part of this site or call for more info.

*When indicated as safe and appropriate.

Prices subject to change. Some products and services subject to availability. Please call/contact us to confirm before booking. For discounts and specials follow Dr. Allen Bonilla DC on Facebook.